Alcohol addiction is a serious issue and one needs to address it before it gets extremely serious. Alcohol is injurious to health as it directly affects your brain, liver and directly alters your basic functioning capacity. Alcohol also damages your heart and one might die due to drinking.

alcohol rehab

 Accidents that happen when a person is drunk are uncountable and can be avoided by controlled drinking or no drinking at all. Alcohol also causes blackouts, behavioral changes, and hallucinations. Alcohol addiction can be taken care of if one receives the right helps.

 Alcohol withdrawal is a very difficult phase and one goes through a series of emotional and physical stress and one is sure to suffer during the time. That is the reason why one needs help to guide them through this phase and get them to the brighter side of overcoming addiction.

Extreme confusion, Visual hallucinations, Auditory hallucination, Tactile hallucinations are some of the side effects of alcohol withdrawal. Alcohol Rehab is what you should consider to get you some help and overcome your addiction.

alcohol rehab

Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal become clearly visible after 12- 24 hours of last drink and can last up to 2 days. Alcohol withdrawal can be reduced to a great extent when under proper care, medical attention and controlled environment. Doing a detox at home usually leads to spiraling and going back to drinking and discontinuing the detox. This is why we recommend Alcohol Detox in Ottowa.

Alcohol Detox provides the following services to help you with your journey towards sobriety:

  • They help you find the deep-rooted cause of alcoholism and try to overcome those causes by going into therapy lead by professionals.
  • AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meetings also play a very important role in your rehab journey. AA group is a group of alcoholics that are going through the same journey of sobriety where they discuss their problems and how they feel about their journey or how they control their desires and stay on their journey. It is a no-judgment group where they help each other get through their journey.
  • Time taken for alcohol detox depends on different factors like the amount of addiction, family history, gender, body weight, etc.
  • Rehab usually takes up to a week but also depends on the condition of a person’s liver condition. If the liver is damaged a lot then rehab might take longer for the body to heal and get over the symptoms.
alcohol rehab

There are four stages of alcohol withdrawal:

  • Early Stage
  • Peak Stage
  • Weakening stage
  • Recovery stage

The staff from Alcohol Rehab greets the patients in for detox, evaluates the patients and plan their personalized detox plans. They stabilize patients with medications and psychological therapy. Medications are prescribed by health professionals to lessen the effect of the withdrawal.

There are various other treatments that are available from facility to facility like, Biofeedback, medication, yoga, equine therapy, Fitness programs, art and music therapy, etc.

How To Choose The Best Alcohol Detox Center